Tuesday, 30 December 2008

For my darlings - Peter and Crew


It is such a sad time. 2 of our wonderful cats recently died. they died of old age. they died at home. they died relatively peacefully (?). But there is no easy way to lose loved ones. the house seems emptier now, it's quite surprising the difference it makes. Even though we still have 3 dogs and 5 cats, the 2 oldies liked attention, needed care, and lots, oh yes, lots, of cleaning up after them, so there is a BIG void.

My darling Crew was with me since birth. i actually saw her being born. the first kitten from my darling Taddy (now gone too). I can still remember her little face poking out of the birth sac. the little black and white nose. so tiny. Crew was one of three. One poor little one didn't survive. She was grey and I called her Silver. She died after a few days. she had a cleft palette, and who knows what else. the other 2, I named Motley and Crew. Motley was a big and strong male. such a bruiser. Crew was quieter, more demure, quite unassuming. She grew fairly plump, in a lovely plush way. Motley always demanded attention, Crew was happy to have attention when she was given it. They were adorable. First Motley died. i think about 4 years ago. He had stomach cancer. he went from being a strong healthy cat, to fading away, skinny, weak. I still miss him so. Taddy, the mothercat, was very intelligent, and used to love company. She would 'talk' with us, in the kitchen, and her head would turn and follow our conversations. She was very much the matriarch, and would stand for no nonsense from the others. And they respected that. She died at home about 2 years ago. She had a growth at the side of her head. For years. We often had it 'drained off' at the vets, but over time it became solid, and grew, and nothing could be done. Right up to the night before she died she was fine, chatting away, and demanding her treats as usual. By the morning she had had a stroke. i phoned the vets and arranged to take her there, but withing a short while, she was gone. It was a relief not to have to take her there.

Crew became the new matriarch. She kind of loved the new authority, and became bolder, more demanding, or was that just old age giving her a sense of confidence. She loved her treats. Peter joined out family just about 15 months ago. He was a rescued cat, who became homeless again, after his rescuer had a massive stroke and all her cats (and there were many), had to be re-homed. I found him a home with friends of mine, who had a shop. he lived in the kitchen and outside, or in the shop. Eventually (6 years later), they sold the shop, and Peter was looking for another home. Oh well, what's one more, after all who else would take on such an old scruffy looking cat (he had now become). No idea how old he actually was. he had a square cut out of his tongue, no idea how, and he used to let his tongue drop out of the side of his mouth, quite a sight. He soon settled in, and put us all in our place! he formed a bond with Crew, which we called 'The Oldies Club'. He learned that if he followed Crew into the kitchen, he would get treats too. believe me, those two would wait, and stare for hours, until you just had to give in, and give them what they wanted. Who could refuse. Peter developed a thyroid condition. He had meds, which didn't seem to help much at all. Over time both Peter and Crew, grew older, more frail, but still wonderfully sprightly and demanding! Gradually, we knew their end would not be too far away. They cuddled up together. They both got thinner and thinner, although Crew seemed to be worse, we expected her to be the first to go. One day Peter was having trouble breathing, he laid down and couldn't get up. We knew it was the end. we both sat with him, talked quietly to him, said our goodbyes, and he was gone. So sad. The grief was unbearable, but life goes on, we got ourselves together and got through that day. the next day Crew was near the end of her life.She couldn't lift herself. It was Christmas Eve. She started having convulsions (spasms), I rang the vets, only to find they had finished early for Christmas. there was the option for the emergency vets, but I so didn't want to put her through that journey. She didn't last much longer. A big sigh and struggle for breath, and she was gone too. My poor, sweet Crew, who had lived with me for 17 years, and was the last of my original 3 (Taddy, Motley and Crew). the house just isn't the same without them. Bless them both, and may they rest in peace, young and happy, and pain free forever, in their Cat Heaven, meeting up with their friends and family from the past. taking with them a little piece of my heart.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Christmas Room to Help Animals

The wonderful organisation 'It'sMeowOrNever' have set up a virtual Christmas Room to raise funds for their animal shelter. It's a fabulous idea to raise funds and very festive. This is my understanding of how it works:
Shops have donated 'virtual gifts', which have been listed in the Christmas Room, with a donation amount under it. Anyone can buy a donation, and the virtual gift will appear in the Christmas Room, to help decorate it. It's such a fun, novelty idea. The room has already started to be decorated, check it out at: http://www.itsmeowornever.org/xmas/xmas_room.asp

Sunday, 30 November 2008


Hi All
I loved every single one of your entries, it was hard to choose winners. If my sewing machine hadn't broken down, I would have made lots more cat nip toys and given one to every entrant. However, my machine is now dead (or at leats resting :( ) so the winners are:
Jen M.http://dragonrags.etsy.com
http://www.blogger.com/profile/12674734515964476954 Annette F Tait
well done both , i loved your entries.
I'll get in touch with you both and arrange for a catnip toy to be sent to you both,

Thanks all who entered, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Caption Contest to win a Catnip Toy.

While the beautiful Ruby was in a chilled out mood, I decided to have a bit of fun. Her favourite toy is a soft plush rat. So the rat decided to hop onto Ruby and be take a nap. The photos are hilarious.

Now for the contest:
Take a look at the 3 photos of Ruby below, I've called 'Rat on a Cat', and make up a caption to suit the photos. Post your caption the comments area below. The contest runs from now until 6pm Saturday 28th November (GMT). The winner will be the poster of the most imaginative/original caption, and one that makes me laugh out loud. There will be two winners, each receiving a Catnip Toy, as pictured in my previous post.
Have a go- your cat will love you for it :)
Don't forget to leave me a contact email, to let you know if you have won. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing your captions!
Rules: Please keep it clean, i don't want to be shocked. The contest is international. you can post as many captions that you think are suitable. The winners are chosen by myself based on my opinion of the most original and the funniest. Contest closes 6pm (GMT) Saturday 28th november 08. My decision is final. There is no cash alternative prize.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Catnip Toys for Playful Cats.

I've had a very busy day today, making catnip mini pillows for several causes.
Next Saturday I am helping out at a christmas fair to raise funds for a local cat group. I offered to make catnip toys. I've also offered to make Vegan cupcakes, which of course I can't make until next Friday (the day before the event). I have also decided to hols a contest here, on my blog, and award a catnip toy to 2 lucky winners. Contest to be posted tomorrow (Monday). Also I am donating 2 catnip mini pillows to the Etsy group http://handmade4hounds.etsy.com/ , for their shop to help raise funds for rescued greyhounds. I am a member of the group. the other Etsy shop i am donating 2 to, is http://awbar.etsy.com/ , again to raise funds in their shop. AWBAR stands for 'Abandoned Wild Baby Animal Rescue'. Check out these groups they're doing fab work helping very needy animals. if you're not one of the lucky winners fro the contest, you could consider buying some catnip toys from wither of these shops, yuo then get to help them raise funds for needy animals at the same time!
I will try to take some photos at the fair next Saturday.

here's a photo of the catnip mini pillows: quite a batch!

These are the 2 that will be the prizes in the contest:
So keep a look out tomorrow for the contest, one of these catnip toys could be on it's way to you.
To see the ones i have donated to the Etsy shops, check out:
http://handmade4Hounds.etsy.com and http://awbar.etsy.com

Friday, 17 October 2008


This OrnaMonkey was created by http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5295903 http://recycledideas.etsy.com/
Holly from Recycledideas wrote the following about OrnaMonkeys:
OrnaMonkeys are monkey ornaments made from felt to resemble real species of monkeys. One monkey is released each month. Each species is chosen for its charismatic face, interesting social habits or other oddities which make the species unique among primates. Each monkey is collectible and comes with a dated bio-blurb about the species and its conservation status. The felt is eco-spun felt that is 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.The Monkey of the Month Club gives people a different OrnaMonkey each month for a year. Membership spaces become available in November and are offered at a discount. Each member who signs up before December 31 will receive twelve 2009 OrnaMonkeys for only $99 plus S&H ($168 if purchased individually), a savings of more than 40%. Species to be included are: lemurs, macaques, marmosets, langurs, tamarins, titi monkeys and more. The shipping and handling fee covers the cost of shipping all 12 monkeys ($2 per monkey).The OrnaMonkeys are a fun way to learn more about the beautiful diversity of primates from a real primatologist - me! In 2007 I earned a PhD in evolutionary psychology. My research focused on mutual grooming among primates and I've taught classes in comparative primate behavior at various universities in the U.S. I love teaching people about primates and these little guys allow me to reach an audience outside of a university setting.

fabulous and fascinating!

Friday, 26 September 2008

For ALL Etsy members, join in, Celebrate!

Hop into the http://Etsy.com site and check out the forums. There's a party going on around there! Join in the celebration with a contest I organised!

Happy Birthday EFA Poetry Contest!From September 26-28!Celebrate the EFA Team Store's birthday in your own special way by writing a verse, poem, limerick or ode to EFA.This is the 4th and FINAL EFA Birthday Bash ContestOpen to all Etsy members!1. Your verse must be animal related.2. It must be between 4 and 8 lines (inclusive).3. The mood of the entry is up to you, but remember it is to CELEBRATE EFA's 1st Birthday.4. Only one entry per contestant.5. All entrants must be Etsy members (non-EFA members are welcome!).6. Enter by posting your poem in this Etsy forum thread:7. Post must be dated no later than September 28th MIDDAY (EST)8. Important - please note! By entering, you attest that you are the sole copyright holder of the verse, poem, limerick or ode, and you agree that EFA Artists Helping Animals may use the entry in any EFA-related publicity, such as but not limited to electronic and printed media.All qualifying entries will earn the entrant a chance to win a fabulous prize donated by an EFA member. In addition, at least two winners will be chosen by an independent panel for originality, inspiration, animalization. Winners will be announced at approx 2pm (EST) Sunday 28th September, in the Etsy forums, and will be contacted by convo.Any queries please contact http://midnightrabbits.etsy.com/

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Etsy for Animals Birthday bash

A Fabulous Birhtday Celebration is about to happen. You can be part of this! Etsy for Animals shop has it's 1st birthday. To celebrate this event lots and lots of EFA members, and EFA itself, are giving discounts in their shops.
GET 20% OFF with coupon code from September 15-30 with EFA Birthday Bash Code! CUSTOMERS CELEBRATING THE EFA BIRTHDAY BASH: Are you shopping with a coupon from the EFA birthday bash? If so, during the checkout process in the "Notes to Seller" just enter the coupon "code" you were given.Don't have a coupon code yet but want one? Please use mine, "MIDNI", at any store participating in the bash (everyone has a different code and we get prizes if ours is used the most, so be careful not to switch codes!) To find out who's participating or more about the EFA Birthday Bash Extravaganza and how the coupon works, please check out http://efaartistshelpinganimals.org/index.php/promotions/27-bday-bash/11-bday-bash-finale-coupon-
Wow, I am totally in awe of http://myunrulysun.etsy.com/ for the work in listing these below.
The following 137 members accept the Birthday Bash Coupon!
annieswearableartFallenFey jarvisgift popalicious StrandedTreasures whimseys
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Bags and Purses
DragonRags HazelHoney MidnightRabbits tackyhandmade
Bath and Beauty
CozyMoments MoonsHarvest WomensWit
Books and Zines

Ceramics and Pottery
claynfiber EmbraceableUrns memekiwii




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Paper Goods
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pinkee TantalizingStitches theknottysheep
Everthesametreasures innerchildbooks JunkMaster lynnaddisonTackybackintime thefaeriecupboard

There will also be contests and prizes and more prizes, the fun has already started, and some lucky winners have already won fabulous prizes donated by EFA artists. We're keen to giveaway more! Join us in the Etsy Forums, check out the latest info at:
http://efaartistshelpinganimals.org , it's just too good to miss!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

EFA Birthday Bash 15-30th September

Kellybot won this!
What’s this birthday bash?
Hello EFA, are you ready for the largest promotion ever offered through our team? Our First Birthday Party!! Celebrate the EFA team store’s first birthday by accepting an EFA coupon from September 15-30. When the coupon is redeemed you provide a 20% (or more) discount to your customer. So , you don’t have to jump thru hoops, or walk on lit candles…no, we wouldn’t do that to you…it’s very easy…..just provide a 20% (or more) discount to your customers who redeem the EFA coupon.
This little description was taken from the efa blog visit for more details.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Releasing MotherCat

Well, the day finally arrived. It had been 5 days since mothercat had been spayed. She was being kept in a hospital pen, and was fully recovered and very feisty. It was time to let her go. The vet had said that it was ok to release feral cats after one nights rest, post surgery, so she'd had more than enough recovery time. Her operation went fined, she had healed well. We gave her a large breakfast, it was a sunny day, so we decided it was right.
We took he to the lace that she was found, after giving birth to her kittens. When we opened the hospital pen door, she took a few seconds to realise it, then she was gone. That was yesterday.
I now hope she has a long and happy healthy life. there is a feeding programme in place, and she's back where she belongs, wild and free.
As for the kittens, they are nearly seven weeks old, and lively, playful little monkeys! Each has it's own character and are all different. There is one quite timid one, who will need a lot more work than the others, but the other 4 are fine, it's wonderful watching them and playing with them, and I'm really looking forward to them finding loving, safe, permanent homes. Tabby has a home lined up, and we've put leaflets around vets, pet shops, etc for the others. Fingers crossed!

Friday, 27 June 2008

Animals charities looking for donations for Fundraisers.

As a member of http://etsyforanimals.com/ we often get requests for items to be donated to different animal charities and causes. I found it difficult to keep up to date with the deadlines, and missed some that I would have liked to send something to. so, i decided to get organised, and keep a list, roughly in date order, of the places that have sent requests and their deadlines and any other info! Should be helpful!

When sending donations don't forget to include a few business cards or flyers on who you are and what you do. Most organisers want to know value of item to gauge their auction/sale. I have included all the info I have to date, and will update this list as I gather more info. If you have an event that is looking for items to be donated to an animal fundraiser, please email me at: midnightrabbits@ntlworld.com or convo me at http://midnightrabbits.etsy.com/Please note that I have no involvement with any of these Animal Places/Charities and do not endorse them, the details are added on trust from info submitted by EFA members. If in any doubt, please check out them out.

****Alaska SPCA needs ongoing donations for their thrift shop.In return for donations to their thrift shop, they will add a live link to their site. Include some business cards with your donation. Send items to:Every Dogs DelightPO Box 91934AnchorageAK 99509USany questions convo Andrea at http://everydogsdelight.etsy.com/
From EFA member Amanda of http://awbar.etsy.com/I am having AWBAR's 3rd Annual Gift Basket Raffle! If anyone would like to contribute the baskets, please send me a convo or email for my mailing address! I will need to know a value on your items you send so I can keep tally on how much goes into what basket! I ask that all contributions be mailed before October 31, 2008.There will be a first place prize worth $100 second place prize of $50 and a third place prize of $30. Tickets will be $1.00 per ticket, or 6 tickets for $5.00, to be returned by I November 14, 2008. You can buy as many tickets as you like, even if you contribute to the basket(s)! The drawing will take place in November 15, 2008. I will post the photos of the baskets, as well as the names of contributors in AWBARS Blog! For last year's winners and basket photos please check out AWBAR's blog at http://www.awbar.com/
.******* S.O.A.R. (Southern Ontario Animal Rescue ).
Further details can be found at http://www.soar.designimpact.ca/They are hosting a silent auction at their Christmas Party on 29th November 08. It is going to be like a kids party only for dogs. (sounds like fun- ) and would like items to auction. They would like anything with a DOG or CAT theme.Also they have a small online store and would appreciate donations with a DOG theme for the store.Your donation can be sent to:Southern Ontario Animal Rescue c/o 14 Bingham Road, Brampton, ONL6V 2K1 Canada ON

Stray cat part 2

Have you ever seen such a sweet sight, mothercat feeding kittens, who are just about getting to big to be feeding. Tabby is such a baby!
Well, it's been nearly six weeks since mothercat gave birth. It's been a long six weeks, with many questions, and discussions, about what to do next. Here is plan A.
We will get mothercat neutered early next week. Take her home and keep her separate from the kittens. After a few days when she has recovered and shows no sign of infection or illness take her back to where she came from, where she can live out the rest of her life kitten free. Since she obviously managed pre-kittens to find food and shelter, she should be able to pick up where she left. My mother has agreed to put food out for her if she's around. Probably at night. The vet will de-worm her, de-flea her as well as spay her, so she'll go back in good condition. She can't be homed as she's not a tame cat. Yikes, we sure know about that. she's a firecracker and won't let anyone near her.
She's quite happy to let up play with the kittens, who are now weaned and use a litter tray, and very full of life.
Once that is done we can put all our efforts into taming the kittens as two of the five are still a bit timid, and finding them homes. We've got a home lined up for Tabby. In fact there's two homes lined up for him, it would appear that people like tabby's better than black and white or just black. Which is a shame as there are 3 black ones. they each have different personalities. The tabby is a typical tabby, a bit clumsy, but loving and cute. the black and white one (a girl)is very confident and loves being fussed and the centre of attention, she's not afraid to use her voice! Now the 3 black ones- one is very curious about everything and likes playing and is confident, it's a boy! the other is a girl and is quite shy but will play a little, after loads of encouragement, the other (who's my favourite) is a fat black one, male I think. He's BIG compared to the others. He's also not too friendly. He continually hisses at me if I even look at him from afar. But i find this cute, His eyes look a bit dozy, so with the hissing and the dozy eyes, he looks like the devil's cat (whatever that is). he makes me laugh, although I dare say as he gets bigger, I'll not be laughing if he's no tamer! he's gonna need a lot of work! here are some pics:
Aborable black kitten.
Look at the black ones face! he's the devil's cat :)
very sweet Black and white kitten we've named Eva.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Taking in a homeless cat

  1. Hey
A long story, but I took in a mothercat that had just given birth to 5 kittens. Now bear in mind that I already have 7 cats and 3 dogs, and live in a small house, I cannot keep these.
background info:
telephone call from mother, a cat had given birth in her greenhouse, what to do.
Call me.

So, i borrowed a trap, went along, did a survey of the situation (oh yeah!) and laid the trap int he greenhouse . waited hours, mother cat had disappeared, kittens were just a day old, oh how tiny :)

Set upthe trap and waited, nothing. Mothercat did not return. OK so 9pm call it a night, pack up trap, and bits and pieces, call it a night, tired, hungry, and wondering what the f**k we're gonna do.

Next day:

i said i'd call at mothers to assess the situation, and re-evaluate. My mother was not there( had prior commitments- prob just as well), let myself in, pacified her dogs, and went to greenhouse. Set the trap. looked where they were the previous day and voila! mothercat ran out and straight into the trap! easy peasy- I know I shouldn't gloat- wish they were all this easy- but this time hey I'm a hero!. She's spitting and hissing, scratched my finger, but of course , since i'm such a hero, i feel nothing, prob adrenalin had kicked in! Put her in the trap in the car. Go back to kittens and pick them up one by one, OMG they're tiny, and could be anything,not just mini cats! put them in a basket and go home. Now the fun begins.

My back bedroom (a spare? i don't think so!), has been set up for mothercat and her kittens.

to cut a long story short, the next 3/4 weeks are filled with, oh my, I'll have to post later because i so desperately want to get these pics up!

lets just say tonight I went into the room to find a lot of little, little bodies all over the place, mother an kittens doing well, and kittens growing daily. actually I ran back out to get my camera, so not as many kitties in photo as I saw!

You can almost hear her say run for cover!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Banner Ad Bag

I came up with this idea of making Banner Ad Bags. here's How it works. I selected 8 banners from Etsy shops. I chose mine, of course, then I wanted the EtsyforAnimasl to be the top banner, as I wanted to sell it in their shop to raise funds for their charity of the month. Then I more or less randomly chose 6 other EFA supporters shops. Not entirely ramdon, as I wanted the colours to look good together, and used EFA supporters that I'm familiar with, as I wrote to each one asking their permission to use their banner as a sample tote.
Here's the idea:
The sample is made up (see pictures), with banners front and back , 8 banners in all. Then anyone who has an Etsy shop can 'buy and replace' banner space. they will go to the top slot of banners, and the others move down. they will be sent a tote bag with the banners, including their own on. Then where ever they go, they are advertising themselves and anyone else on the bag. The next person buys a banner space, so they go to the top slot and the banners get moved down one. the new persons banner is added to the toe and they are send a tote bag. this means that they not only get their own banner out there, but the others are shown too. Get the idea? Of course if someone buys more than one bag, they receive duplicates of the bag with their banner at the top. It has the potential that each Banner Ad Space bought will be sent out to at least 6 other people, anywhere in the world, since Etsy is worldwide. Of course even more, is someone buys more than one bag (say for their friends etc). not bag for a $15 space of advertising. For more info check out the link to the Etsyforanimals shop.
The bags will always have the 'etsy.com All things handmade at the top' followed by an etsyforAnimals banner on one side.
Apart from the original sample made up (which I sent to a very helpful EFA members Mishkat, as a thankyou for all she does), this is the next one made up . I'll post the Banner Ads as they are made, it'll be interesting to see if this takes off!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Etsy for animals Quilt Project

Etsy for Animals has a quilt project. members can participate by making a quilt square with thetheme of Bold and EFA must be on it. this is my quilt square
The front my quilt square.I used green and cream gingham fabric, a sheet of A4 printable cotton, then designed a sheet of Etsyforanimals banners all blended to fill the sheet. On top of this I have added brads, buttons and beads and a charm of :- an owl, a bird, a dragonfly, a paw print, a cat, a lamb.i beaded the letters EFA on the side, and added my midnightrabbits label to the other side with the same turquoise beads around the label.The back is an animal (leopard?) print fleece fabric, with cotton printed banners of etsyforanimals, midnightrabbits and a made up one for Etsy.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Sunday, 6 April 2008


This bit is to show my donations to various animal charities and causes, mainly so that i have a place to keep them all in on spot :)This little bag was made for SASHA Farm Auction.

I've not kept up to date with my donations, but here is my latest:

**Its Meow or Never are holding an Online Auction which is to take place on 2-9th August

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Why Vegan

I am always amazed at 'peoples' reaction to me being vegan. So I have decided to write about my journey to veganism, and where I am today.

It all began way back in the 80's. I'm not sure exactly when, but somehow becoming aware of what I was actually eating- a dead animal, so i became vegetarian. this lasted a few years, and as I learned more, about the dairy industry, the woollen industry etc, it seemed like a natural progression to go Vegan. It felt like a natural choice. i only knew of one vegan at the time, so got as much info from them as I could. I went away to college. i remember eating mainly chips and beans from the college canteen, and making soup at my lodgings. there weren't any ready made meals or soya foods around in those days. Tea and coffee was drunk black (no milk), I used sugar to take the edge off it. I gradually learned of more and more products that I could have, such as soya milk.
When I finished college, having studied fashion and textile design, i returned to my home town. I looked up my only vegan friend and became her lodger. This made veganism a lot more inviting, as she lived quite well and introduced me to 'luxury' vegan foods, such as soya cream 'cheese', pate etc. I was then working, so able to be more adventurous in my diet. Over the years I had discarded any animal goods that I had, when they were worn out, for instance shoes, clothing, replacing them with non animal alternatives. I splashed out and bought a pair of Vegan DM's. i got involved with the local animal rights group, and went on demos, met more vegans, met interesting, caring people, many of who I still see and keep in touch with occasionally. I worked in the costume department of a local theatre. I refused to work in leather or fur, it may have annoyed them, but they kept it quiet, and I made wonderful costumes in non animal fabrics. the costume department often had fur coats donated to them, as more and more people became aware of the the cruelty involved and wanted to dispose of them. I think (if my memory serves me well), that I persuaded them to donate a few to the local AR group to use in displays against fur. I made the group a banner. I was happy to be involved with them.

hey, making my blog more visible..........

I think it's about time I wrote more regularly in my blog!
this section is all about how I make use my blog more often etc etc etc.watch this space.
hey that was short lived :) I tried to sign up to google adsense but nothing has happened, I've read stuff, but none of it makes sense, this will be on hold for now :(

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Monthly Challenges

This is where I have chosen to display my entries to Etsy for Animals monthly challenges. for those 'not in the know' about challenges on Etsy, they are , oh heck, read the EtsyforAnimals blog and get the idea :)
My entry for march is this adorable mini shopper. The the is Green- recycled or colour.
I made a gorgeous acrylic felt mini shopper in green, decorated with 3D appliqued daffodils and daffodil and ladybug buttons. I also made Scoubidou yellow and green handles. A perfect example for St Davids Day, my entry to the Green challenge, and a handly little shopper.

All challenge entries will be for sale in my shop, with 10% to going to the cause that prompted me to make it, in this case Etsy for Animals charity of the month.
Photos to follow!

My April entry was a sweet little felt coin purse with an appliqued hedgehog.

My July entry is this bright bold beach bag!

My August entry:

C is for COW! it was difficult to decide on one C, but I think all the posts about moos swayed me, and Voila! here is my entry. A beautiful Cow on a coin purse.

20% of the price of this item will be donated to the etsy for Animals charity of the month.
The link to the item is:
my shop is: http://midnightrabbits.etsy.com/

St Davids Day and daffodils

I am Welsh. Although not usually patriotic, there's something about the 1st March, that brings out the 'welsh' in me :)
The Etsy for Animals monthly challenge (for those of you that are not into etsy and challenges, it's too long to explain, but briefly each month a theme is set and an item made for that theme and posted on their blog- wow, there's a whole new post for my challenge entries!)
for march is 'Green - recycled or colour. so i decided (with a prompt from my good EFA friend Mishkat), to use st davids day as inspiration and of course the national flower of wales the daffodil! Yay!
So her is my latest creation- a mini- shopper made of acrfylic felt and decorated with 3D appliqued daffordils, daffodil and ladybug buttons, and green and yellow Scoubidou handles.

Friday, 25 January 2008

MidnightRabbits Logo

Well, I finally had the inspiration that was staring at me for quite some time! Images of my MidnightRabbits Logo on my creations. So here is my first offering. A small bag with the image made with black and white acrylic felt. Gorgeous heart embroidered ribbon on the strap. I love this bag, and i'm excited about seeing my other items develop!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Valentine's Day, find a heart - take a look

Here are some of the donations for the Valentines Gift basket:

Donated By http://lolalynn.etsy.com/

Monday, 14 January 2008

My effort at being a promoter or in other words How I did The EFA Valentine Contest

Having written a rather long post for my blog a few days ago, only to have it vanish in cyberspace, I have been a little bit hesitant to start this again, but hey-ho, here I go!

Recycle, re-use, mend etc

I cannot claim that this was my idea, because it is not! While browsing books in Borders, I came accross a book about craft ideas, that were a bit 'home-made' looking but really nice. One article particularly caught my attention: how to make a bathmat from old t-shirts. the idea is simple, when you outgrow or outwear your t-shirts, give them a new lease of life by turning them into bath mats. How - I hear you asking!- Cut strips of the t-shirt, knot together and sew a square, it makes a really nice, unusual, absorbant mat. Now I am not a good knitter,I can't read patterns, can only do plain and purl, and straight pieces, get bored with it if it doesn't grow quickly enough (hence my love of big needles and chunky yarn), also with a bit of athritis is my hands, my hand/finger joints ache very easily, so can't spend a long time knitting at one time. So what better project than chunky needles, strips of t-shirt and aiming for a square.

I casted on as many stitches that the needles could comfortably hold, without bunching them up too much, and looked decent enough for my mat. 33 stitches.

To date I have had strips from 3 t-shirts and ongoing

I actually only took a piece from the bottom half of the tishirts as the rest went as bedding for the cats! (doubling up on their recycleability).

The strips were not cut perfectly equal, but about an inch wide, and the knots are left visible, at least for now any way. here is a photo of my progress:

My bathmat has not grown! I haven't disposed of any t-shirts lately, although I need to sort out my clothes soon!
Aha! i've been busy cutting up some t-shirts that are no longer wearable, also a fabulous pair of pj trousers that were cut way too low for my likeing, and never did feel comfortable, and they are made of a lovely stripped fabric, yay more jersey strips for my mat!
Ihave, I have, I have actually finished my mat! I'm using it in the bathroom, and lovin it! will get a picture up as soon as I can!

Friday, 11 January 2008

Valentine's Day, find a heart

Find it in your heart to help the animals and win the heart basket!!
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