Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Why Vegan

I am always amazed at 'peoples' reaction to me being vegan. So I have decided to write about my journey to veganism, and where I am today.

It all began way back in the 80's. I'm not sure exactly when, but somehow becoming aware of what I was actually eating- a dead animal, so i became vegetarian. this lasted a few years, and as I learned more, about the dairy industry, the woollen industry etc, it seemed like a natural progression to go Vegan. It felt like a natural choice. i only knew of one vegan at the time, so got as much info from them as I could. I went away to college. i remember eating mainly chips and beans from the college canteen, and making soup at my lodgings. there weren't any ready made meals or soya foods around in those days. Tea and coffee was drunk black (no milk), I used sugar to take the edge off it. I gradually learned of more and more products that I could have, such as soya milk.
When I finished college, having studied fashion and textile design, i returned to my home town. I looked up my only vegan friend and became her lodger. This made veganism a lot more inviting, as she lived quite well and introduced me to 'luxury' vegan foods, such as soya cream 'cheese', pate etc. I was then working, so able to be more adventurous in my diet. Over the years I had discarded any animal goods that I had, when they were worn out, for instance shoes, clothing, replacing them with non animal alternatives. I splashed out and bought a pair of Vegan DM's. i got involved with the local animal rights group, and went on demos, met more vegans, met interesting, caring people, many of who I still see and keep in touch with occasionally. I worked in the costume department of a local theatre. I refused to work in leather or fur, it may have annoyed them, but they kept it quiet, and I made wonderful costumes in non animal fabrics. the costume department often had fur coats donated to them, as more and more people became aware of the the cruelty involved and wanted to dispose of them. I think (if my memory serves me well), that I persuaded them to donate a few to the local AR group to use in displays against fur. I made the group a banner. I was happy to be involved with them.

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