Thursday, 27 December 2007

My attempt with ploymer clay

For the EtsyforAnimals challenge for January I decided to have a go at making clay beads. The photos are the results, with the help of someone special (who made the pig and gave it to me!). It was fun and interesting, and a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I definately need a lot more practise!
The next time I had a go at polymer clay, I made these cats and a bat:

and finally I made the clay beads into a bracelet, but I had to add a few wooden beads, as there was not enough to fit on my wrist!:

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Large Catnip Cats

I love making Catnip toys. I love to see my cats playing with them , or indeed any cats. My latest catnip toys have been made as a Large Cat, out of Acrylic Felt and appliqued, and stitched. They are big enough for a cat to really get hold of and attach/roll/play/lie on!
This is Billy and Ruby playing with two of them!

Thursday, 29 November 2007

How Midnightrabbits began...........

While walking my dogs one day, in our local park, I noticed a lot of rabbit droppings. They were in clusters all around the place. It looked as though several rabbits had stopped in one place. I imagined the picture of them gathering around, stopping for a chat, eating grass, and of course doing their little poos. They would come out at midnight, and hop around from group to group, and sing and dance, and jig about. How happy they all are, and how safe it is, for the rabbits to come out at midnight. They have such a busy night, and as dawn breaks, they scurry back under the bushes and into the woods, and they are gone before daylight.You would never have known they were there, unless of course you look very closely and see the little piles of droppings

Monday, 5 November 2007

My Treasuries from Etsy

These are screen shots of my Etsy treasuries - such fun to do!

Many thanks to Mishkat for sending me the pictures of the treasuries to upload.

Friday, 12 October 2007

A heart full of worms

Matilda loved to be outdoors. she would lie on the grass for hours, absorbing the sunshine, listening to the birds singing, the trees rustling. One particularly warm day, Matilda fell asleep on the grass. Some worms, which were in the earth beneath her, could feel the heat from her body, and sense her presence. They come up to the ground to investigate. There lay a beautiful maiden. Matilda stirred. She noticed the worms and smiled. These were friendly worms, she could tell. She felt a strange sensation, like a whisper, only there was no sound. It was coming from the worms. Suddenly, and she didn't know how, she could see inside the worms. they were magical. She could see beauty, harmony and knowledge. She felt a sense of calmness. She wanted to know more. "shhhh" whispered the worms, without saying a word. "take us into your heart, let us fill you with our beauty, harmony and knowledge". Matilda was not afraid. She closed her eyes and relaxed and could feel the worms fill her heart with all the beauty and harmony and knowledge that the worms chose to share with her. And she knew her life would never be the same.

This is a vest showing Matilda's heart filled of worms, which hold all the beauty and love and knowledge.

Fly on a Cat

There was a cat called Wynnie. She was neglected by her owners and left to her own devices. As she grew older, life became harder and harder, struggling for survival, sheltering anywhere that she could, grabbing any food that she came across, drinking rainwater out of a rusty old tin. It was a long hot summer. Wynnie grew weary, she spent her days under a tree, mostly sleeping, very weak. Flies hung around in hordes. Wynnie notice a young girl passing by once or twice a week,, and the young girl introduced herself as Angel. As Angel spoke gently, and didn't try to pick Wynnie up, she soon learnt to trust her, and see her as a friend, not someone who would hurt her. Gradually, Wynnie let Angel stroke her. That felt nice. Not all humans are bad thought Wynnie.

The sun beat down, water was getting scarcer. The flies were very irritating. One day, as Wynnie went in search of food, she caught her leg on some wire. Ouch that hurt. She limped back to her spot, under the tree. She was very weak, her leg hurt, she didn't think she could walk. The flies smelled the wound on Wynnies paw. Flies being flies, saw this as an opportunity to lay eggs. They circled in, and deposited eggs in Wynnies paw. Oh, this is bad, thought Wynnie.
The pain got worse.

A car pulled up nearby. Angel got out. "Hello Wynnie" said Angel. Wynnie could barely lift her head, please help thought Wynnie. She gathered all her strength and limped over to Angel. "oh, you poor thing" said Angel "you don't look well". With that Angel got back in her car and left. Wynnie was very sad and very much in pain.

A while later another car pulled up. Wynnie raised her head, it was Angel and her friend Lila. They had brought a cat basket with them. They picked Wynnie up and put her in the basket. Wynnie was too weak to put up a struggle, she just thought 'whatever happens, I trust Angel and Lila seems OK too'.

They took Wynnie to the vets. Upon inspection, they saw that maggots had hatched out in Wynnies paw. They were horrified. The vet reassured them that Wynnie could be treated and would be well again. Wynnie was left at the vets, and over the next few days received treatment for her paw, her dehydration, fleas, worms, malnourishment. Slowly she began to feel better. On the third day, Angel and Lila came to the vets to take Wynnie. Wynnie did not know where, or what to expect. they took her to their home. Wynnie knew straight away, that however strange this seemed, she was safe. And she was right. She had a lovely warm, soft bed to sleep in, regular food, plenty of fresh water. Angel and Lila made a fuss of her, but only when Wynnie was in the mood for fuss. let's not forget, she was an old girl, and now that she had a lovely home, she didn't always want to be disturbed! this was the place that Wynnie was going to live the rest of her life, being cared for and loved. She was so happy about this. She had two wonderful friends Angel and Lila, and plenty of other cats and dogs around for company if she ever felt like it!

This blue Vest is a tribute to Wynnie. Here she wears a fly as a decoration, it is no longer a threat, it cannot hurt her, she is very safe and very happy.

Friday, 21 September 2007

October Challenge - Spooktacular halloween. Vang the Vampire Cat

Halloween - All saints night - the night where the dead wander the earth, trying to get back from where they came. A night for humans to party, after all there is no such thing as the devil,.......right?

Vang (the Vampire Cat) wanders the earth in search of non believers. On halloween Night there will be much feeding and drinking, and playing games. People will dress up and look as gruesome as they can. A perfect night for a black vampire cat to migle unnoticed. let them have their fun. After all, the more they party they more tired they will be. And when they eventually fall asleep exhausted, having laughed and joked and played games, Vang will look for a window that has been left open, even very slightly, and creep through it. glide lightly to the bedroom and feast on a poor unsuspecting host, who is just too sleepy to be disturbed. And if they should open their eyes. they will see Vang's hypnotic yellow eyes glaring at them, freezing them in time, while she continues to feed. removing all traces of memory from them before she secretly leaves the house, as though she'd never been there. little children are the tastiest, that fresh, untainted blood. And this year Vang is very hungry, so little children, when you go to bed on Halloween Night, no matter how tired you are from partying, be sure to check that all your windows are locked tightly, because you never know if vang will visit.
Small bag with the face of Vang on the front. Just purrrrfect for collecting treats on Halloween Night. Bag is made of black acrylic felt and embroidered and beaded. It is lined with deep red/wine polyester lining. the strap is made of black polyester ribbon and red ric-rac.The measurement are : Width - 7 inches (18cm), length - 9 inches (22cm), the strap length is 52 inches (132cm).It has a small Velcro fastening.

As well as being my entry to the October Etsy for animals challenge, I am donating this item to the Etsy for Animals shop, with 100% of the sale going to their Charity of the month.