Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A little bit of self promotion.

As anyone who has seen my Veganessa shop, will be aware, I like making things that have a message to promote veganism, cruelty free, peace and love. The latest tote bag I have designed has a very poignant message on it. It hardcore vegan/animal rights, and I love it. I love it so much that I just have to keep it. However, I have made a listing in my shop, and will make more bags to order. I have already used the tote, and am very pleased to be carrying this cruelty free message around and promoting animal rights. What do you think of it?

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Picassa - my new discovery!

I came accross Picassa in forum, so thought I's give it a go. I decided to use the Tote bags I sell in my Etsy shop Veganessa, and this is the result, I like it!
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Earth Day Contest

I am one of the shops participating in the EtsyVeg Earthly Riches giveaway! There are 20 prizes in 5 prize categories, with multiple chances to win. You will find one hidden Earth image in 20 shops, including mine - if you find them all you can earn an entry for the grand prize, worth over $100! You can also earn FIVE entries for the grand prize by spending $25 in this shop, and FIVE entries for the first prize for spending $10 (please see rules for details)!For complete rules and details on how to enter, including a list of shops participating and prizes, please see the EtsyVeg'>">EtsyVeg blog. The giveaway runs from April 22-28.

Visit my shop:
to see some wonderful tote bags and coin purses, with fabulous designs and suitable for vegans. Ditch those plastic bags, use a tote bag again and again.
Fancy helping an animal charity?
Everything in my shop Midnightrabbits is sold to help the EtsyforAnimals charity of the month. April's chosen charity is - Siberians Needing Owners Needing Owners (SNO) is dedicated to the care, understanding, rehabilitation and adoption of Siberian Huskies and other sled dogs." It is our goal to make life better for some of the thousands of lost, unwanted and homeless Huskies while at the same time helping to educate our youth and their parents to the need for spay/neuter of and life long commitment to all pets.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Vegan Sample Bags for sale

How about this for a neat idea.
heather from Holistically Heather has put together bags of luscious vegan goodies from members of the VeganEtsy team to produce the amazing Vegan Sample Bags.
Just look at the gorgeous assortments of items - jewellery, bath and beauty, business card holders (I donated!), coupons, cards, artwork, crochet, and so much more. Check out for further information, or stop by the Etsy shop Vegan Craft Samples to buy one of these amazing goodie bags. Don't delay, they're selling like hot vegan cakes!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Priceless Moments - I love mine!

Winning a prize is always a surprise. I enter contests sporadically, and tend to forget about them, so if I get notification that I've won something, I'm genuinely surprised and thrilled.

Recently Dragon House of Yuen had a contest, which raised funds for rescued rabbits at Buckeye House Rabbit Society

The first prize was an amazing Arabella Bag which is absolutely adorable. There were 5 runner up prizes of gift vouchers for Dragon House of Yuen's Etsy shop

I was lucky enough to win a runner up prize, and had the delightful task of choosing something from this wonderful shop.
After pondering the many delightful items, I chose this wonderful ACEO which is one of a collection of Priceless Moments ACEO's. Each piece of artwork comes with a little story. My Priceless Moment was 'Let the Journey Begin', which said to me 'embrace all things new, have an adventure, welcome change'. And I love it.

The prize arrived, very carefully packaged, and very beautifully wrapped inside. To my delight, had some extras with it. A gorgeous Arabella Card, and a very special ACEO, which had been made with my own cats in mind this is the ACOE, and the story read:

Priceless had rustled up some delicious vegan snacks. (It had taken him all morning and the kitchen was still a complete mess). There’s always time for a bite he thought. He called in Pinkie, Ruby and Billy and Molly and… The soup smelled just so delicious and he could see that everyone was drooling. In fact, as he served the soup up, he realized that he had made enough for twenty-four hours worth of meals! Good grief! he thought. Never-the-less we shall share the moment.
How adorable is that! and so very unique! I am truly delighted with my gifts from
Dragon House of Yuen and the store owner is a remarkably talented and generous lady. You can read more about Dragon House of Yuen by visiting or

Here are some photos of the delightful items you will find in this magical shop:

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A Handmade Success!

This weekend I made our cats a catnip playmat. I had promised them a while back that I would make them one. I had bought the foam mat for inside, but that was all. Then last Friday I wandered into a fabric shop during my lunch break, and there was the funkiest, fabulous fleece fabric I have ever seen. I was covered in bright, and I mean bright, multi coloured cats, on a black background. next to it was a lovely colour purple fleece fabric. They were perfect. I just had to buy them. they sat in my room until Sunday, when I finally got to work in the cats playmat. I wanted a mat that I could put catnip in, and refill the catnip from time to time, I wanted it to be soft but not floppy, and I wanted to add things for then to play with, kinda like kiddies playmats, only without so much on them.
The end product is this funky catnip mat, which has a bump in one corner, for the cats to rub their face on and a tube thing on the other for them to grab and attack when they are playing.
They love it. Firstly they couldn't get enough of the catnip, rolling around and rubbing their faces on it. After a while they needed a rest, and Ruby claimed it as her mat. Ever since, whenever we are looking for Ruby she is on her mat, the moment she gets off it, Billy or Pinkie moves onto it. A BIG hit! So glad I made it for them.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

A fine collection of Vegan Beer.

Indeed a fine fine collection of Vegan Beers.
Actually getting a good beer, or stout, that is vegan suitable, is not always easy to come by, not everything is labelled with the vegan symbol, or stating 'vegan' on the label, so I thought I'd share my 'finds' for any thirsty vegans, who just happen to like the odd ale :)
I have tried all five of the beers above, and I lined them up in order of preference, going from right to left when looking at the photo. I'm not sure if one can call stout beer, but I'm not expert on beer, so please exclude my ignorance if I call them wrongly.

My very favourite is Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout.
It's a rich, dark stout, which has a sweet taste, yet bitter at the same time. It is best drunk slowly and savoured. it seems quite filling, and I honestly think one bottle is quite satisfying. It's quite pricey - at £2.25 a bottle, it's a lovely treat. Not many places sell it, so whenever I see it, I cannot resist in buying a bottle. This stout actually carries the vegan symbol (a sunflower with vegan written below it). it comes in 550ml bottles and is 5% alc vol.
Next is Black Sheep Ale. This beer can be bought at most supermarkets, it's a good bittersweet ale, not as rich as stout but heavy enough to satisfy. An easy to drink dark beer, and my favourite 'easily accessible' beer. 500ml bottles, 4.4% alc vol. Only the bottled beers are vegan, not the cask ales!

Third in my selection is Fullers London Pride. Fuller's are sold by most supermarkets, so this one is also easily obtained. All of their bottled beers are suitable except Honey Dew. Some restaurant and pubs may sell their beer too, it quite a well known one. The range. I tried their London Porter, but it was just too bitter for me, whereas their London Pride is a nice light beer, easy to drink, and enjoy at home or out. 50ml bottles, 4.7% alc vol. This is a good all round beer.

I came across this Entire Stout by HopBack Brewery in a supermarket recently. it states vegan on the label, so I thought I'd try it. I must say, it was a bit too bitter for me. The label is fun to look at, and for anyone into bitter stouts, this would have been fine.500ml bottle 4.5% alc vol.
And lastly we have Samuel Smiths Imperial Stout. A big No from me. rather disappointing since their Oatmeal Stout is my favourite, but this ale is too bitter for me. Has the vegan trademark symbol on the label. 355ml bottle, 7% alc vol. Strong Stout!

So there you have it, five Vegan beers , all different, something for everyone.
Now I think I'll go and have a beer, I feel kinda thirst :) Cheers!