Friday, 10 April 2009

Priceless Moments - I love mine!

Winning a prize is always a surprise. I enter contests sporadically, and tend to forget about them, so if I get notification that I've won something, I'm genuinely surprised and thrilled.

Recently Dragon House of Yuen had a contest, which raised funds for rescued rabbits at Buckeye House Rabbit Society

The first prize was an amazing Arabella Bag which is absolutely adorable. There were 5 runner up prizes of gift vouchers for Dragon House of Yuen's Etsy shop

I was lucky enough to win a runner up prize, and had the delightful task of choosing something from this wonderful shop.
After pondering the many delightful items, I chose this wonderful ACEO which is one of a collection of Priceless Moments ACEO's. Each piece of artwork comes with a little story. My Priceless Moment was 'Let the Journey Begin', which said to me 'embrace all things new, have an adventure, welcome change'. And I love it.

The prize arrived, very carefully packaged, and very beautifully wrapped inside. To my delight, had some extras with it. A gorgeous Arabella Card, and a very special ACEO, which had been made with my own cats in mind this is the ACOE, and the story read:

Priceless had rustled up some delicious vegan snacks. (It had taken him all morning and the kitchen was still a complete mess). There’s always time for a bite he thought. He called in Pinkie, Ruby and Billy and Molly and… The soup smelled just so delicious and he could see that everyone was drooling. In fact, as he served the soup up, he realized that he had made enough for twenty-four hours worth of meals! Good grief! he thought. Never-the-less we shall share the moment.
How adorable is that! and so very unique! I am truly delighted with my gifts from
Dragon House of Yuen and the store owner is a remarkably talented and generous lady. You can read more about Dragon House of Yuen by visiting or

Here are some photos of the delightful items you will find in this magical shop:


Cat with a garden said...

What lovely ACEOs! Concats on winning, that must have been a neat surprise! Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Mishkat said...

I won one of the vouchers too - and I picked out the very same ACEO as you did - but when I went back the next day, you had already reserved it :) This proves that great minds think alike! (Or as Annette said, maybe it was all those cats :)!)

I had been trying to decide between two of the ACEO's so I just went to my second choice, which is equally wonderful.

P.S. You are lucky to live near Annette so you can get your mail from her so quickly - her packages are always such a treat!

Annette F. Tait said...

Thank you Kim!!!

this is lovely - what a wonderful article you have written about me! - infact, I have just been corrected by a small lagomorph!! -

Priceless says that the article is infact, about him - and the cats :)

he wishes you the very best in your new endeavours, no matter how much your paws (feet) are trembling!

thanks again, kind regards, Annette

mvegan said...

So wonderful! ;0) I love her work and kindness in helping the animals and EFA !!! Shop her store today, all!!!!! Great blog and banner, Kim! Michele

Nancy said...

How wonderful, lovely prizes and so great to help the rabbits!

Marjorie Dawson said...

Gosh what a lovely prize and a wonderful surprise! You must have been thrilled. I love Annette's bags and harbour a secret desire to buy one when I can afford it.

Good for you winning a prize!!!!