Monday, 4 April 2011

Redley gets busy.

Our darling little boy is busy. Every day he's learning new things and trying new things. I love to watch his amazed face as he discovers yet another amazing (to him) object that we take for granted.
His latest discovery is the cats. They long ago discovered him, with a sniff and a careful look. Now Redley has discovered them! I've been holding him near the cats so that he can get used to them slowly. And very bravely yesterday he put out his hand and brushed it past Billy. Redley looked surprised but intrigued as to what was this furry thing - another cuddly toy? a tiger? He slowly put his hand on top of Billy's head and rested it there. Firstly Billy walked away, then he came back and sat back down in the same place, so Redley could plonk his hand there again. Billy looked a bit bemused - the cats know he's not dangerous to them :) Redley looked pleased with his new discovery. We laughed and hugged them both. Redley has made friends with Billy!