Friday, 21 September 2007

October Challenge - Spooktacular halloween. Vang the Vampire Cat

Halloween - All saints night - the night where the dead wander the earth, trying to get back from where they came. A night for humans to party, after all there is no such thing as the devil,.......right?

Vang (the Vampire Cat) wanders the earth in search of non believers. On halloween Night there will be much feeding and drinking, and playing games. People will dress up and look as gruesome as they can. A perfect night for a black vampire cat to migle unnoticed. let them have their fun. After all, the more they party they more tired they will be. And when they eventually fall asleep exhausted, having laughed and joked and played games, Vang will look for a window that has been left open, even very slightly, and creep through it. glide lightly to the bedroom and feast on a poor unsuspecting host, who is just too sleepy to be disturbed. And if they should open their eyes. they will see Vang's hypnotic yellow eyes glaring at them, freezing them in time, while she continues to feed. removing all traces of memory from them before she secretly leaves the house, as though she'd never been there. little children are the tastiest, that fresh, untainted blood. And this year Vang is very hungry, so little children, when you go to bed on Halloween Night, no matter how tired you are from partying, be sure to check that all your windows are locked tightly, because you never know if vang will visit.
Small bag with the face of Vang on the front. Just purrrrfect for collecting treats on Halloween Night. Bag is made of black acrylic felt and embroidered and beaded. It is lined with deep red/wine polyester lining. the strap is made of black polyester ribbon and red ric-rac.The measurement are : Width - 7 inches (18cm), length - 9 inches (22cm), the strap length is 52 inches (132cm).It has a small Velcro fastening.

As well as being my entry to the October Etsy for animals challenge, I am donating this item to the Etsy for Animals shop, with 100% of the sale going to their Charity of the month.