Thursday, 21 May 2009

Hens need re-homing

Notice on Vegan Village noticeboard:

Hens need rescuing10,000 hens need rehoming from battery farm in Norfolk, UK, which is closing-down. If you would like a hen or two or know someone who would please contact Any not rehomed by 28 June will be slaughtered.
Annette of Dragon House of Yuen has done a wonderful write up:

Friday, 15 May 2009

And the winners are.....................

Following on from the contest, we have 2 winners. All entries were given a number, and the numbers put into randomizer. the results are: 1st prize of a $15 gift voucher to spent at Veganessa goes to Amivegan. the second prize of $10 gift voucher to spend at Veganessa goes to secretcake. Well done winners, and thank you to everyone that entered.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Dragon House Of Yuen Contest

Another contest is an interesting blog, and a wonderful interview with Annette Tait of DragonHouseofYuen, plus a chance to win a fabulous prize.
Don't delay contest end at midnight tonight!!!!!!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Time for another contest.

I've been entering lots of contests/giveaways lately, and it made me think, it's time to hold one of my own again. So here it is.....

How to enter:

*My cat Billy can sometimes be a Silly Billy. Here I caught him dressing up with a bow in his hair, and playing 'mother' to his pet toy cat. To enter, leave a caption for the photo of Billy in the comments box, this will get you one entry into the giveaway draw. To qualify, you must leave a contact email or etsy convo address.

**For another chance in the draw, visit my shops Veganessa or MidnightRabbits and post a comment about an item you like, and why you like it.

***If you purchase anything from either Veganessa or MidnightRabbits during the contest and post about it here, you will get a further two entires into the contest, for each item you buy.

All entires will be put into a draw and selected by randomiser. the winner will be announced on this blog. The draw is open from now until Friday 15th May 09 at 7pm GMT. The winner will be announced soon afterwards. There will be 2 prizes. First prize is a gift voucher for my shop Veganessa to the value of $15, the second prize is a gift voucher for my shop Veganessa to the value of $10.

Contest is open to everyone, worldwide. If winners select goods, using their gift voucher, from my shop Veganessa by Friday 22nd May, I will throw in free post and packing. Instructions will be sent with vouchers.

Any questions, you can convo me through Etsy , or leave it here in comments. You do not need an Etsy account to enter. Good Luck!

Finding new recycled items.

I am always interested in Eco products. When I happen to find some, I think it's fab, and just have to try it. My latest find, are these recycled clothes pegs -
The packets states : hurricane force grip, frost proof, no peg stains, made from 100% recycled plastic, recyclable, washable, metal free.
Seems like another way to reduce plastic waste, it's gotta be good! I bought them at a supermarket, so they are obtainable in mainstream stores, which has the advantage of being easily accessible. Not that I always use supermarkets, it's just that they are convenient, as I can't always get to a health food shop, and our local shops leave a lot to be desired.
These pegs are produced by Eco Force .
My next mission is the find craft felt made from recycled post consumer plastic waste. Which I've found a small selection of, and very interested in checking out more. Watch this space.........

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Vegan Etsy giveaway!!!!!

Cool, super fantastic VeganEtsy giveaway. Check it out!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Always good to find another Vegan beer.

Another delightful vegan suitable beer that I just happened to find while shopping at my local Sainbury's. This one is a stout. I've not come across this brewery before, but Meantime Brewery do quite a collection of beers. Their London Stout is labelled as suitable for Vegans. It tastes dark. very Dark. Smooth, velvety, with hints of chocolate. it leaves a very tasteful after taste. To me, it is a stout to be drunk slowly and savoured. Having said that, my partner likes to swig it down, so I guess whatever takes your fancy. This is a very nice smooth stout. I would drink it again anytime.