Saturday, 9 May 2009

Finding new recycled items.

I am always interested in Eco products. When I happen to find some, I think it's fab, and just have to try it. My latest find, are these recycled clothes pegs -
The packets states : hurricane force grip, frost proof, no peg stains, made from 100% recycled plastic, recyclable, washable, metal free.
Seems like another way to reduce plastic waste, it's gotta be good! I bought them at a supermarket, so they are obtainable in mainstream stores, which has the advantage of being easily accessible. Not that I always use supermarkets, it's just that they are convenient, as I can't always get to a health food shop, and our local shops leave a lot to be desired.
These pegs are produced by Eco Force .
My next mission is the find craft felt made from recycled post consumer plastic waste. Which I've found a small selection of, and very interested in checking out more. Watch this space.........

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