Thursday, 21 May 2009

Hens need re-homing

Notice on Vegan Village noticeboard:

Hens need rescuing10,000 hens need rehoming from battery farm in Norfolk, UK, which is closing-down. If you would like a hen or two or know someone who would please contact Any not rehomed by 28 June will be slaughtered.
Annette of Dragon House of Yuen has done a wonderful write up:


pey said...

How awful, I'd take some if I were in UK !
Here's hoping for 10,000 miracles.

Annette F. Tait said...

Kim I did a post about this on my blog - thanks for your post!

I think about 3,500 still need prospective homes,
and I also did a treasury for them too!!

Ailurophile said...

Oh I hope those hens get rescued soon. Thanks for raising awareness about this.

Billy is a very sweet and pretty kitty :)