Tuesday, 30 December 2008

For my darlings - Peter and Crew


It is such a sad time. 2 of our wonderful cats recently died. they died of old age. they died at home. they died relatively peacefully (?). But there is no easy way to lose loved ones. the house seems emptier now, it's quite surprising the difference it makes. Even though we still have 3 dogs and 5 cats, the 2 oldies liked attention, needed care, and lots, oh yes, lots, of cleaning up after them, so there is a BIG void.

My darling Crew was with me since birth. i actually saw her being born. the first kitten from my darling Taddy (now gone too). I can still remember her little face poking out of the birth sac. the little black and white nose. so tiny. Crew was one of three. One poor little one didn't survive. She was grey and I called her Silver. She died after a few days. she had a cleft palette, and who knows what else. the other 2, I named Motley and Crew. Motley was a big and strong male. such a bruiser. Crew was quieter, more demure, quite unassuming. She grew fairly plump, in a lovely plush way. Motley always demanded attention, Crew was happy to have attention when she was given it. They were adorable. First Motley died. i think about 4 years ago. He had stomach cancer. he went from being a strong healthy cat, to fading away, skinny, weak. I still miss him so. Taddy, the mothercat, was very intelligent, and used to love company. She would 'talk' with us, in the kitchen, and her head would turn and follow our conversations. She was very much the matriarch, and would stand for no nonsense from the others. And they respected that. She died at home about 2 years ago. She had a growth at the side of her head. For years. We often had it 'drained off' at the vets, but over time it became solid, and grew, and nothing could be done. Right up to the night before she died she was fine, chatting away, and demanding her treats as usual. By the morning she had had a stroke. i phoned the vets and arranged to take her there, but withing a short while, she was gone. It was a relief not to have to take her there.

Crew became the new matriarch. She kind of loved the new authority, and became bolder, more demanding, or was that just old age giving her a sense of confidence. She loved her treats. Peter joined out family just about 15 months ago. He was a rescued cat, who became homeless again, after his rescuer had a massive stroke and all her cats (and there were many), had to be re-homed. I found him a home with friends of mine, who had a shop. he lived in the kitchen and outside, or in the shop. Eventually (6 years later), they sold the shop, and Peter was looking for another home. Oh well, what's one more, after all who else would take on such an old scruffy looking cat (he had now become). No idea how old he actually was. he had a square cut out of his tongue, no idea how, and he used to let his tongue drop out of the side of his mouth, quite a sight. He soon settled in, and put us all in our place! he formed a bond with Crew, which we called 'The Oldies Club'. He learned that if he followed Crew into the kitchen, he would get treats too. believe me, those two would wait, and stare for hours, until you just had to give in, and give them what they wanted. Who could refuse. Peter developed a thyroid condition. He had meds, which didn't seem to help much at all. Over time both Peter and Crew, grew older, more frail, but still wonderfully sprightly and demanding! Gradually, we knew their end would not be too far away. They cuddled up together. They both got thinner and thinner, although Crew seemed to be worse, we expected her to be the first to go. One day Peter was having trouble breathing, he laid down and couldn't get up. We knew it was the end. we both sat with him, talked quietly to him, said our goodbyes, and he was gone. So sad. The grief was unbearable, but life goes on, we got ourselves together and got through that day. the next day Crew was near the end of her life.She couldn't lift herself. It was Christmas Eve. She started having convulsions (spasms), I rang the vets, only to find they had finished early for Christmas. there was the option for the emergency vets, but I so didn't want to put her through that journey. She didn't last much longer. A big sigh and struggle for breath, and she was gone too. My poor, sweet Crew, who had lived with me for 17 years, and was the last of my original 3 (Taddy, Motley and Crew). the house just isn't the same without them. Bless them both, and may they rest in peace, young and happy, and pain free forever, in their Cat Heaven, meeting up with their friends and family from the past. taking with them a little piece of my heart.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Christmas Room to Help Animals

The wonderful organisation 'It'sMeowOrNever' have set up a virtual Christmas Room to raise funds for their animal shelter. It's a fabulous idea to raise funds and very festive. This is my understanding of how it works:
Shops have donated 'virtual gifts', which have been listed in the Christmas Room, with a donation amount under it. Anyone can buy a donation, and the virtual gift will appear in the Christmas Room, to help decorate it. It's such a fun, novelty idea. The room has already started to be decorated, check it out at: http://www.itsmeowornever.org/xmas/xmas_room.asp