Thursday, 29 November 2007

How Midnightrabbits began...........

While walking my dogs one day, in our local park, I noticed a lot of rabbit droppings. They were in clusters all around the place. It looked as though several rabbits had stopped in one place. I imagined the picture of them gathering around, stopping for a chat, eating grass, and of course doing their little poos. They would come out at midnight, and hop around from group to group, and sing and dance, and jig about. How happy they all are, and how safe it is, for the rabbits to come out at midnight. They have such a busy night, and as dawn breaks, they scurry back under the bushes and into the woods, and they are gone before daylight.You would never have known they were there, unless of course you look very closely and see the little piles of droppings

Monday, 5 November 2007

My Treasuries from Etsy

These are screen shots of my Etsy treasuries - such fun to do!

Many thanks to Mishkat for sending me the pictures of the treasuries to upload.