Sunday, 31 October 2010

Redley meets Redstart.

 I have made some wonderful friends since joining Etsy. One of them is very dear to me. Annette of Dragon House of Yuen is a wonderful person and animal advocate.
Redley received a lovely parcel in the post. we carefully opened it to find a beautiful baby hare sculpture called Redstart. Redstart arrived with a little story card, and a lovely card. Redstart was a wonderful gift from lovely Annette. Redstart is very well made, and very precious.

 When redley is old enough to appreciate Redstart, i know he'll be truly delighted with him.
Here we see Redstart, quietly slide up to Redley and introduce himself. Redley is surprised and delighted.

Redstart takes a closer look.

 Redley realises Redstart is his for keeps, and he holds him close, and is everso pleased to meet his new friend.
I have to explain to Redley that Redstart is very delicate, and not a toy, so reluctantly, Redley lets me take Redstart away from him. I promise Redley that redstart will be nearby, watching over him, and occasionally sharing a joke or two, and keeping up to date with the goings on.

Redstart takes his place on Redleys shelf, with his cards. Where he can survey all around the room, and keep an eye on Redley, and send him good wishes. Redstart is a very welcome addition to our family, and I know both redstart and redley will have lots of fun for many years to come.

For lots more delightful creations from Annette, check out her etsy shop: DragonHouseofYuen and have a read of Annette's blog, for an interesting and insightful read, with some adorable pictures.
Annette has kindly donated a hare sculpture to the Buckeye House Rabbit Society, which rescues abandoned rabbits and educated the public about rabbit welfare. Hop on over to their website for a chance to win some fabulous prizes in their annual raffle!

Many, many thanks to Annette for sending Redstart our way, he will be treasured and well looked after.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Introducing Redley to the world. A wonderful example of a perfect vegan baby.

 Our darling baby Redley was born at 33 weeks. 7 weeks too early. Luckily he weighed 223.0g (4lb 15oz), and was already measuring a week bigger than his age. this gave him a good start. The hospital ordeal was over in 3 weeks, and he had his release letter! here he is all dressed up ready to have his first trip to the outside world.
He's been home nearly a week, and is thriving. he's gained lots of weight, and is very content. Our vegan diet is very good for him.

 He's being breast fed, as this is the most natural and best way to feed babies. No nasty formula for our sweet Redley!
here he is sleeping in his cot, in his favourite hedgehog sleepsuit, (well, our favourite really!). He loves me to sing to him, and I make up lots of songs, about anything and everything - I've learned to sing the alphabet - a is for apple, b is for boat etc oh how my life has changed :)

Here Redley is chilling out, wearing green stripes. Green stripes seem to suit him too, and he's got a couple of sleepsuits in this pattern, no doubt he'll have some more now that we have discovered how good he looks! Of course we are biased when we think our darling Redley looks gorgeous, what proud mums wouldn't be! We love him to bits!