Sunday, 20 March 2011

Finally - more photos of Redley!

My camera broke around Christmastime, and I took a while to get another one. the new one isn't too good, or maybe I'm not too good at taking photos (probably more like it!), so many of the photos I've taken are blurry. I really must learn more about my camera, after all, it's not a complicated one - Kodak easyshare M530, it's a cute little black and red camera, and I'm sure I can get better results with a bit more patience!
Redley is 5 months old now, how time flies. He is making up his own words, which he uses for good (he likes something) or not good (when he doesn't like something), and we've kinda heard him say other words which we recognise, but he doesn't repeat them to order! no, Redley is quite strong willed, and knows what he wants. Generally he's a very happy little chappy, and his smile will melt the hardest hearts :) I love coming home to see 'my boy', and watch his face light up as I walk in the room. Any stress of the day just melts away with a big hug :)

 Redley on his playmat, looking very jolly and having fun!

Here he is having 'tummy time' which encourages him to build up the muscles needed for crawling, he's very eager to get going!

Here's my little model, in a bandanna bib and hat that I made for him, I intend to make matching sets, these were the first I made, and they fit nicely, now all I need is the time and space to start production!