Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ruby Wears Bling.

As Ruby slept peacefully, I just couldn't resist placing 2 bling buttons on her head. How cute she looks!

For more funny 'stuff on cats' check out this site.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Free MOO Cards

I have been wanting to order some MOO cards for quite some time, but not got around to it. Buying business cards can be quite daunting, what if you don't like them, what can you afford, what if you can't afford what you like, do you compromise, do you wait and so on. Then, I came accross this Etsy article update about FREE MOO BUSINESS CARDS. So I immediately went to check it out.
The MOO website is easy to navigate, simple enough to understand, and lets you try different deigns and wording before you buy. Although free makes that all the more affordable (hehehe). You still have to pay postage, hey, that's really not bad- UK postage £3 for a set of 50 cards. You can select phots from your flickr account or Etsy Shop if you have one, or even upload a competely different design just for your Business Cards.
Here is a peek at mine:                                                                                                                                  
 The free cards have a logo at the bottom advertising Etsy and MOO cards.
I'm happy with the quality, I chose the recycled option, and a selection of items from my Etsy Shop Veganessa. It's a good chance to see what works and what could have been done better without laying out a lot of money. It's given me something to think about for my next order from MOO cards. And I'll certainly be ordering from them again. By the way, when you order your free cards, there's an option to 'bank' money with them for your next order, and double it, for example, 'bank' £5 and get £10 towards your next order. A very good sales technique, it got me hooked!
Follow this link to get your free MOO Business Cards.

Friday, 12 March 2010

I Love You Phillip Morris

Courtesy of SeeFilmFirst, I went along to the cinema to view 'I Love You Phillip Morris'.
I decided not to read about the film first, as sometimes knowing too much about a film can spoil it when you see it. Wise move. The film states that it is based on a true story, and it may very well be, as a google search will show.
Jim Carrey is not my favourite actor, but Ewan McGregor is so watchable, I gave it a go. To my pleasant surprise, the film was very entertaining. Jim carrey, as you would expect is very OTT, but fits the part well, the gorgeous Ewan Mcgregor is sweet. The story is interesting and full of surprises, enough to keep you watching. There are funny bits (lots of them), and tender bits, oh and some 'Oh My Gosh' bits :) - since I didn't know what the film was about.
The film rolls easily along, with plenty of interesting bits to keep you focused on it. Steve Russell (Jim Carrey's Character), is a very inventive con man, and it's hard not to like him, which I guess is why successful con men are successful. The prison sentences he received are so utterly ridiculously long for the crime. He never hurt an individual, he targetted businesses that could easly afford the losses. He could have killed someone and got away with less! (so to speak).
Altogether entertaining, and I'm glad I went to see it.