Friday, 1 May 2009

Always good to find another Vegan beer.

Another delightful vegan suitable beer that I just happened to find while shopping at my local Sainbury's. This one is a stout. I've not come across this brewery before, but Meantime Brewery do quite a collection of beers. Their London Stout is labelled as suitable for Vegans. It tastes dark. very Dark. Smooth, velvety, with hints of chocolate. it leaves a very tasteful after taste. To me, it is a stout to be drunk slowly and savoured. Having said that, my partner likes to swig it down, so I guess whatever takes your fancy. This is a very nice smooth stout. I would drink it again anytime.

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The Jewelry Pitt said...

Sounds good! I haven't seen that one before. I hope I can find it here in AZ.