Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A Handmade Success!

This weekend I made our cats a catnip playmat. I had promised them a while back that I would make them one. I had bought the foam mat for inside, but that was all. Then last Friday I wandered into a fabric shop during my lunch break, and there was the funkiest, fabulous fleece fabric I have ever seen. I was covered in bright, and I mean bright, multi coloured cats, on a black background. next to it was a lovely colour purple fleece fabric. They were perfect. I just had to buy them. they sat in my room until Sunday, when I finally got to work in the cats playmat. I wanted a mat that I could put catnip in, and refill the catnip from time to time, I wanted it to be soft but not floppy, and I wanted to add things for then to play with, kinda like kiddies playmats, only without so much on them.
The end product is this funky catnip mat, which has a bump in one corner, for the cats to rub their face on and a tube thing on the other for them to grab and attack when they are playing.
They love it. Firstly they couldn't get enough of the catnip, rolling around and rubbing their faces on it. After a while they needed a rest, and Ruby claimed it as her mat. Ever since, whenever we are looking for Ruby she is on her mat, the moment she gets off it, Billy or Pinkie moves onto it. A BIG hit! So glad I made it for them.


Anonymous said...

thats awesome! look at those happy kitties loving it, you know you did a great job when more than one cats loves it :)

Anya said...

What a beautiful catnip playmat :))
I want also one LOL
Your Mom can make nice creative things.........

Mishkat said...

That's great! I bought one of those boogie mats, and the cats really like it, but they would LOVE one with fleece. And the bump and tube are great additions.

Too funny that Ruby claimed it - Tasha claimed the one we have :)

Cat with a garden said...

This mat looks positively pawsome! We too got boogie mats as a Paw it Forward pressie and love them. It is great that you did this for your cats!

Lola Lynn said...

After reading about the "boogie mat" used by Tasha, Dobby and Franklin, I thought Sophia, Dotty and Yogi might like one. Thanks for the the detailed description of how you made your playmat with all the extra features.