Friday, 12 October 2007

A heart full of worms

Matilda loved to be outdoors. she would lie on the grass for hours, absorbing the sunshine, listening to the birds singing, the trees rustling. One particularly warm day, Matilda fell asleep on the grass. Some worms, which were in the earth beneath her, could feel the heat from her body, and sense her presence. They come up to the ground to investigate. There lay a beautiful maiden. Matilda stirred. She noticed the worms and smiled. These were friendly worms, she could tell. She felt a strange sensation, like a whisper, only there was no sound. It was coming from the worms. Suddenly, and she didn't know how, she could see inside the worms. they were magical. She could see beauty, harmony and knowledge. She felt a sense of calmness. She wanted to know more. "shhhh" whispered the worms, without saying a word. "take us into your heart, let us fill you with our beauty, harmony and knowledge". Matilda was not afraid. She closed her eyes and relaxed and could feel the worms fill her heart with all the beauty and harmony and knowledge that the worms chose to share with her. And she knew her life would never be the same.

This is a vest showing Matilda's heart filled of worms, which hold all the beauty and love and knowledge.

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