Thursday, 5 June 2008

Etsy for animals Quilt Project

Etsy for Animals has a quilt project. members can participate by making a quilt square with thetheme of Bold and EFA must be on it. this is my quilt square
The front my quilt square.I used green and cream gingham fabric, a sheet of A4 printable cotton, then designed a sheet of Etsyforanimals banners all blended to fill the sheet. On top of this I have added brads, buttons and beads and a charm of :- an owl, a bird, a dragonfly, a paw print, a cat, a lamb.i beaded the letters EFA on the side, and added my midnightrabbits label to the other side with the same turquoise beads around the label.The back is an animal (leopard?) print fleece fabric, with cotton printed banners of etsyforanimals, midnightrabbits and a made up one for Etsy.

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