Friday, 27 June 2008

Stray cat part 2

Have you ever seen such a sweet sight, mothercat feeding kittens, who are just about getting to big to be feeding. Tabby is such a baby!
Well, it's been nearly six weeks since mothercat gave birth. It's been a long six weeks, with many questions, and discussions, about what to do next. Here is plan A.
We will get mothercat neutered early next week. Take her home and keep her separate from the kittens. After a few days when she has recovered and shows no sign of infection or illness take her back to where she came from, where she can live out the rest of her life kitten free. Since she obviously managed pre-kittens to find food and shelter, she should be able to pick up where she left. My mother has agreed to put food out for her if she's around. Probably at night. The vet will de-worm her, de-flea her as well as spay her, so she'll go back in good condition. She can't be homed as she's not a tame cat. Yikes, we sure know about that. she's a firecracker and won't let anyone near her.
She's quite happy to let up play with the kittens, who are now weaned and use a litter tray, and very full of life.
Once that is done we can put all our efforts into taming the kittens as two of the five are still a bit timid, and finding them homes. We've got a home lined up for Tabby. In fact there's two homes lined up for him, it would appear that people like tabby's better than black and white or just black. Which is a shame as there are 3 black ones. they each have different personalities. The tabby is a typical tabby, a bit clumsy, but loving and cute. the black and white one (a girl)is very confident and loves being fussed and the centre of attention, she's not afraid to use her voice! Now the 3 black ones- one is very curious about everything and likes playing and is confident, it's a boy! the other is a girl and is quite shy but will play a little, after loads of encouragement, the other (who's my favourite) is a fat black one, male I think. He's BIG compared to the others. He's also not too friendly. He continually hisses at me if I even look at him from afar. But i find this cute, His eyes look a bit dozy, so with the hissing and the dozy eyes, he looks like the devil's cat (whatever that is). he makes me laugh, although I dare say as he gets bigger, I'll not be laughing if he's no tamer! he's gonna need a lot of work! here are some pics:
Aborable black kitten.
Look at the black ones face! he's the devil's cat :)
very sweet Black and white kitten we've named Eva.

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