Saturday, 7 June 2008

Banner Ad Bag

I came up with this idea of making Banner Ad Bags. here's How it works. I selected 8 banners from Etsy shops. I chose mine, of course, then I wanted the EtsyforAnimasl to be the top banner, as I wanted to sell it in their shop to raise funds for their charity of the month. Then I more or less randomly chose 6 other EFA supporters shops. Not entirely ramdon, as I wanted the colours to look good together, and used EFA supporters that I'm familiar with, as I wrote to each one asking their permission to use their banner as a sample tote.
Here's the idea:
The sample is made up (see pictures), with banners front and back , 8 banners in all. Then anyone who has an Etsy shop can 'buy and replace' banner space. they will go to the top slot of banners, and the others move down. they will be sent a tote bag with the banners, including their own on. Then where ever they go, they are advertising themselves and anyone else on the bag. The next person buys a banner space, so they go to the top slot and the banners get moved down one. the new persons banner is added to the toe and they are send a tote bag. this means that they not only get their own banner out there, but the others are shown too. Get the idea? Of course if someone buys more than one bag, they receive duplicates of the bag with their banner at the top. It has the potential that each Banner Ad Space bought will be sent out to at least 6 other people, anywhere in the world, since Etsy is worldwide. Of course even more, is someone buys more than one bag (say for their friends etc). not bag for a $15 space of advertising. For more info check out the link to the Etsyforanimals shop.
The bags will always have the ' All things handmade at the top' followed by an etsyforAnimals banner on one side.
Apart from the original sample made up (which I sent to a very helpful EFA members Mishkat, as a thankyou for all she does), this is the next one made up . I'll post the Banner Ads as they are made, it'll be interesting to see if this takes off!

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