Sunday, 23 November 2008

Catnip Toys for Playful Cats.

I've had a very busy day today, making catnip mini pillows for several causes.
Next Saturday I am helping out at a christmas fair to raise funds for a local cat group. I offered to make catnip toys. I've also offered to make Vegan cupcakes, which of course I can't make until next Friday (the day before the event). I have also decided to hols a contest here, on my blog, and award a catnip toy to 2 lucky winners. Contest to be posted tomorrow (Monday). Also I am donating 2 catnip mini pillows to the Etsy group , for their shop to help raise funds for rescued greyhounds. I am a member of the group. the other Etsy shop i am donating 2 to, is , again to raise funds in their shop. AWBAR stands for 'Abandoned Wild Baby Animal Rescue'. Check out these groups they're doing fab work helping very needy animals. if you're not one of the lucky winners fro the contest, you could consider buying some catnip toys from wither of these shops, yuo then get to help them raise funds for needy animals at the same time!
I will try to take some photos at the fair next Saturday.

here's a photo of the catnip mini pillows: quite a batch!

These are the 2 that will be the prizes in the contest:
So keep a look out tomorrow for the contest, one of these catnip toys could be on it's way to you.
To see the ones i have donated to the Etsy shops, check out: and

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Mishkat said...

My cats love your toys! We will definitely be entering the contest :)