Monday, 24 November 2008

Caption Contest to win a Catnip Toy.

While the beautiful Ruby was in a chilled out mood, I decided to have a bit of fun. Her favourite toy is a soft plush rat. So the rat decided to hop onto Ruby and be take a nap. The photos are hilarious.

Now for the contest:
Take a look at the 3 photos of Ruby below, I've called 'Rat on a Cat', and make up a caption to suit the photos. Post your caption the comments area below. The contest runs from now until 6pm Saturday 28th November (GMT). The winner will be the poster of the most imaginative/original caption, and one that makes me laugh out loud. There will be two winners, each receiving a Catnip Toy, as pictured in my previous post.
Have a go- your cat will love you for it :)
Don't forget to leave me a contact email, to let you know if you have won. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing your captions!
Rules: Please keep it clean, i don't want to be shocked. The contest is international. you can post as many captions that you think are suitable. The winners are chosen by myself based on my opinion of the most original and the funniest. Contest closes 6pm (GMT) Saturday 28th november 08. My decision is final. There is no cash alternative prize.


Nancy said...

Rat Vader has jumped on his Cat Mobile headed for and ready to take on the mean streets of Dogtham City.

Anna said...

Rat: I think this looks like a nice home for tonight.

Shell said...

There's a rat on the cat check it out!
There's a rat on the cat,
not a cat in the hat,
There's a rat on the cat,
check it it out!

sorry, for some reason this made me want to sing! hehe

Heather said...

Ratted one: "Just hand over some cheese, and your kitty won't get hurt."

Ahhnold says: "Not a tumour."

Catted one: "HEY what do you think this is? I'm a cat, not a pig. I don't give piggybacks!"

Song: My cat has rats. Sung to the tune of *My dog has fleas.* ;)

Cyber_Hippie said...

"What? No, can't be rat!"

A minute later: "Is rat!"

Last photo: "I haz a rat. Do not want! *sigh*"

Jen M.

Lola Lynn said...

Introducing the new Dr. Suess book, The Rat on the Cat".

p.1 - Have you ever seen a rat on a cat?

p 2. Oh where oh where is there a rat on a cat?

p 3. Oh, that! That's not a rat on a cat. That's my top hat.

PS. I've been spending a lot of time with my 2 1/2 old grandson. Can you tell?

mvegan said...

Cuuuuteness, both the pics and the kitty toys too! ;0)

For the first one...
"Helllooooo, my leeeetle friend....!"

;0) Michele

Annette F. Tait said...

Phyllis was really getting fed-up of this baby-sitting nonsense.

Every single time little Dustin crawled up on her to play choo-choos - he farted!

Annette F. Tait said...

Phyllis had just started Michael's private singing lessons when she choked on a fur ball -

Michael, the weight of a cottonwool ball, could do nothing to dislodge it!

Annette F. Tait said...

Professional masseur Jasper the rat was slightly put-out by Millys special request - but she Was paying extra!

His sharp little claws needed away at her nape as he crooned love songs in her ear...