Thursday, 28 February 2008

St Davids Day and daffodils

I am Welsh. Although not usually patriotic, there's something about the 1st March, that brings out the 'welsh' in me :)
The Etsy for Animals monthly challenge (for those of you that are not into etsy and challenges, it's too long to explain, but briefly each month a theme is set and an item made for that theme and posted on their blog- wow, there's a whole new post for my challenge entries!)
for march is 'Green - recycled or colour. so i decided (with a prompt from my good EFA friend Mishkat), to use st davids day as inspiration and of course the national flower of wales the daffodil! Yay!
So her is my latest creation- a mini- shopper made of acrfylic felt and decorated with 3D appliqued daffordils, daffodil and ladybug buttons, and green and yellow Scoubidou handles.

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