Wednesday, 28 January 2009


To celebrate the opening of my 2nd Etsy shop, I am having a giveaway. Any purchases will receive a FREE handmade business card holder, for a limited time. I have made a variety of business card holders, so it is pot luck which one you will receive with your purchase. Here is a picture of some:

This shop will have all vegan goods with messages and images of compassion and veganess. Help spread the word, create a conversation, it's a way to get noticed and your views known.


Mishkat said...

I like your new shop - the name and the banner are great!

Anonymous said...

but i dont carry a purse!! My purse is a shoulder bag/back pack.
Imagine the looks I get when I go out to eat on special occassions with that thing slung over my shoulder ^.^

I love the little free gift though, if you decide to list those in your shop let me know cause Id love to have a little black one :)

mvegan said...

I looove the name and the piggy and vegan pouches, so cute! ;0) Michele