Sunday, 11 January 2009

Getting obsessed with my cats!

Or maybe that should be 'Getting obsessed with taking photos of my cats'.
The more I use my camera, the more I want to use it. not that it's a particularly good one, or even that I'm particularly good at taking photographs, it's just that lately, I see something and I run for my camera. My camera is a Kodak easyshare CX7330, which is a couple of years old, and certainly only suitable for a novice. It'll do for me for now.
Today I looked into the bedroom and saw Billy, Ruby and Pinkie sleeping on the futon bed. they looked so adorable. Ruby on the end, curled up in a ball, Billy in the middle stretched 0ut, and Pinkie up the other end on a fabulous fluffy cushion. Since I put the futon down as a bed, Pinkie never wants to come off it. She will go for some food and straight back to 'bed'. Lucky cat!
Here are the pictures I captured, of their cozy moments:
The only photo I got with the three of them in, as Ruby then ran off to play. So here's Ruby cleaning herself, Billy very comfortable, and you can just about see Pinkie in the background.
This is Billy very relaxed and lounging!

Just look how his paws are 'begging'.

Pinkie is just so relaxed on her favourite cushion!

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Mishkat said...

I love the photos of Billy's polka-dotted "tabby tummy". I am taking more photos of the cats too - it's difficult, especially when I don't use the flash (I delete a lot of them!)