Monday, 15 February 2010

Meet George and Harry

My very good friend Jane has just adopted two siamese cats - brothers. They're 3 years old, and practically identical. Their original mom died, and they went to a foster home, and through the Siamese Rescue, the lucky boys have a lovely new home. They have settled in well. Of course I couldn't wait to meet them, and I took my camera along:

The sock monkey was a gift for Jane, but I though it would look cute with George and Harry. And next time I visit the boys, I will take them a catnip toy- - promise!


mahuahua said...

They're lovely!x

Mishkat said...

They're adorable! Many thanks to Jane for rescuing them. I really like Siamese - they are so intelligent - and I know they'd love one of your toys!

Hope all is well -