Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Hare Preservation Trust

My wonderful online friend annette of Dragon House of Yuen does wonderful work to help rabbits and hares all over the world. She is a volunteer at The Hare Preservation Trust   and I have recently made some hare brooches to be sold on their site with 20% of the proceeds going to HPT. There are splendid items for sale in their shop all helping to raise much needed funds for HPT. The HPT has a website with information on hares and you can subscribe for their newsletter. They raise awareness of hares through the media and education. They lobby parliament to increase the legal protectin of hares and to ensure current legislation is enforced. They work with other wildlife groups. this is just an example of the good works they do. Why not check out their website for further information, and take a look at their Blog , it's fun and informative and there are some adorable photos. Hares need help to protect them in their natural habitat, we can make a difference.

These are the two booches that I made for The Hare Preservation Trust and can be bought in their shop.


mvegan said...

SO great! Adorable bunny pins helping the animals, EFA members always inspire me... :)

Annette F Tait said...

Kim thanks for this super post!!
I am delighted that you are supporting the HPT with your gorgeous brooches! many thanks! and I wear my own 'handmade by Kim' white rabbit brooch with pride!