Monday, 7 December 2009

Our Dear Sweet Molly was laid to rest.

My beautiful little girl Molly has died. Just when we thought things could not get any sadder, Molly became ill. She was having trouble with her back legs giving way now and again, for quite a while. We worked around this, I held her up to eat, and placed a bowl upside down under her dish so she wouldn't have to lean forward to eat. We walked less distance, but still went out. We talked about one day, she would need a 'trolly thing' to help her get around. If she showed signs of being too tired while we were out, we carried her. She seemed to like this, and always looked pleased at being carried, we said she looked like the queen!
Last Tuesday I was working a late shift, so was able to take them (my 3 sweet girls), over the park in the morning. She was a bit wobbly and slow, but I'm used to that. A short walk did us all good and she seemed to enjoy it. The next day she was unable to lift herself up at all. her front legs had gone stiff, she was unable to eat. The next couple of days we tried spoon feeding her, syringing water into her mouth, constantly changing her bedding as she was totally incontinent. She could not get up. Her eyes looked frightened and distressed. We knew the end was near. We spent time with her comforting her. She gave up eating, she couldn't even lick liquid food off the spoon. When we tried to syringe water into her mouth, she struggled, and really hardly any water went in. Finally on Saturday we took her to the vets. We have been going to our vets for years and she is a good vet. She explained that the stiffening of the front legs, and given her history, it was indicative of either tumour on the spine or a blood clot, and that it was spreading quickly. The kindest thing to do was euthanasia. We had to let her go. I had to sign the consent form, which was signing her death certificate, which no matter how it's justified by being the 'kindest thing to do, to end suffering' it's still signing to end her life. the end was quick and peaceful. It took a few seconds and she was gone. We smoothed her and cried, we said goodbye to her. Our dear sweet Molly is gone from us. She was beautiful, and a really sweet natured dog. She would always run up to any other dogs in the park, and want to be their friends. We always had to keep an eye on her in case she spied another dog and went wandering over to them. People always commented on how pretty she was, and how unusual her coat was. I gave her a home from a local rescue centre. She was eight years old then, and lived another eight years with me. That's about 90 in human terms of years. She loved us, and we loved her. the house seems emptier and quieter now, and we miss her dearly. Rest in Peace Molly, my dear, sweet, beautiful girl.


mahuahua said...

oh kim :( i'm so sorry to hear the sad news,i feel for you with all you are having to cope with right now.all my love goes to you and mandy,and rip little molly x

Lola Lynn said...

Dearest Kim,

So sorry to hear about Molly. She was a beautiful girl and brought so much love to your life as you brought to hers.


pey said...

Dear Kim,

My thoughts are with you.

Heather said...

So sorry to hear this, Kim. Poor Molly, poor you. You did the best thing for her, I know it still hurts. I've been there too, several times. Not only my dogs but, at the Vet clinic for other people's ogs too.. it's hard each and every time. I cried for each and everyone. HUGS to you & Sweet Dreams for Molly. XOXO

Jessi said...

Hi Kim, I'm really sorry about your Molly. I see you've had a rough couple of months. Sending good vibes across the pond to you!
Peace, Jessi (AKA GingerCardCo)

mvegan said...

I'm so sorry, Kim, Molly was so beautiful and lucky to have lived a wonderful life with you,