Thursday, 10 December 2009

Meet the Gang

I needed a little bit of distraction from the negativity of late, so I dug out my camera and decided to take some photos of my latest creations - sock monkeys! I had fun posing them, it doesn't take much to keep me amused. I really like making sock creatures, as they take on their own personalities as they become complete. I have listed these in my Folksy store, which is the UK's version of Etsy. After a lot of thought I'm going to close my etsy store when the listings expire, and give Folksy a go. I made some wonderful 'cyber friends' on Etsy and hope to continue their acquantances. I'll certainly still be shopping there, and supporting 'Handmade'. I just got to the point where I found it too competitive and BIG. A bit like Ebay, and unless you really got at it all the time, listing, renewing, promoting, etc you get nowhere. I'm not saying Folksy will be any easier or better, but i'll give it a go.


Annette F. Tait said...

gosh what a thing to happen to your car!
I had that once too Kim - rolling eyes when I went in to report something - unbelievable! but not nearly as serious as your car - hope it is fixed fast and that the missing radio tunes into Radio Moscow every day :)
good luck with your folksy store :)
and your fun sock monkeys,
best wishes,

Lola Lynn said...

Hi Kim,

Love your sock monkeys! They are the cutest.

I hear you in regard to etsy. Best of luck with your new store and please post the link so I can check it out.