Sunday, 26 July 2009

A fabulous Etsy Shop for the cutest gifts ever.

Everyone who shops on Etsy will know how delightful it is to find a shop they LOVE, that has something they just have to buy. I have found that very shop. I was recently looking for something for a friend's birthday. I had in mind, kinda cute, possibly jewellery, oranges, browns sort of colours, other than that, I was open for surprises. I searched vegan etsy members shops, as I like to support my fellow team members if possible. I came across this adorable shop: Pinkkis. Scrolling through the charming assortment of pencil cases, necklaces, pouches, earrings, and more,
I found this: an adorable fruit plate brooch, full of oranges and strawberries and lots of tiny detailed fruits. It was so sweet, and just the right colours. I just had to buy it. Such a novelty, unique gift, my friend was delighted.
I have my eye on some other items in Pinkkis Store , and as soon as I can, I will be looking to buy some more. just look at these adorable, funky items:

Etsy is full of wonderful shops, and Pinkkis is one of the cutest. Based in Finland, some of the store's information is written in Finnish as well as English, which looks everso so cute too, I'm fascinated by languages.
Check out Pinkkis Blog for a fun read, or visit Pinkkis Store , you are sure to smile at the cuteness, and the store owner, Raisa, is very friendly, and a delight to buy from.


Pinkkis said...

OMG! That is the sweetest thing ever!!! Thank you so much!!!♥ I'll give you free shipping the next time you visit my shop! Just convo me first, so I can give you the vegan etsy member discount (20% off - sorry I didn't know anything about that when you made your first order) and thanks to your nice blog entry I'll give you the free shipping.

Have a great day!


veganessa said...

Thanks. Glad you like the posting, you have a fab shop.

Lola Lynn said...

What an adorable shop. Thanks for sharing.

rizwan said...

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