Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Fabulous Zine - Peace to All Creatures - Summer 09 issue 1

Have you ever wanted a different kind of magazine? One that looks at issues such as Upcycled Art, Freeganism, Converting to Veganism, Preventing skin cancer, and many more interesting and varied subjects? Then this zine will be of interest to you. It is new, it is fresh, it is written by a wide variety of people for a wide wariety of people.
The first issue is out now.
'But', I hear you asking, 'where can I buy this interesting new zine?'
You can buy it online from the following sources:
My Etsy shop: MidnightRabbits in the near future or
or the following Etsy shops: UberDuperCreations right now

The first issue contains 36 pages of awesome-ness about art, animals, veg'n diet, health, social and green issues, and much more is available now at UberDuperCreations
High-quality laser printed, hand bound with hemp cord.

Designed and edited by Pippi of UberDuperCreations and her fabulous new friend that she met through the Etsy for Animals Team. Visit her shop at GingerCardCo.etsy.com - jewelry, notecards, notebooks, and more.
intersting topics, new writers, wonderful artwork.


Mishkat said...

The cover art on this is just beautiful! It looks like a great publication - Pippi and Gingercardco are really nice and very creative people.

mvegan said...

I agree... how awesome! ;)) i have to get one!

Vegan Mama said...

Thanks for the blog Midnight!! XO