Sunday, 7 June 2009

Bristol Vegan Fayre 09. A fabulous vegan day.

This year's Bristol Vegan Fayre was held on the weekend 30/31 May 09. Each year that it has been held, it has become bigger and bigger. There is talk of it not happening next year, and it would be a shame if it didn't take place, as it is very popular with, vegans, veggies and everyone else.
On arrival, we went into the marquee with stalls. A huge space for all things vegan to be sold. Many samples of food to try, from raw chocolate to burgers, and everything inbetween. Quite a few of the stalls are known by me, since I've been to several vegan fayres, so I mostly know what to expect, and it really didn't dissappoint.
There was Fry's food, that sell vegan fake meat products. If you can get over the likeness to meat, they make fab savoury things like burgers, sausages, 'chicken' pieces. I like their products, they're convenient and tasty, and 'NO' I' m not longing for meat, when I eat them, they make VEGAN products, if it was meat, I would never touch it. Hey, if it helps anyone lay off animals, , it's a great idea to try these, but also, like I said - convenient, and tasty, and in no way trying to be meat. I mention this because it's asked so many times, I would never eat animals 'because I liked the taste of it', I'm not trying to compensate for not eating them (as though i'm deprived), I simply see them as savoury foods, easy to cook, and somewhat easily available.
Other stalls where Bute Island Scheese, which sells a good variety of vegan 'cheeses', my
favourite being their 'cream cheese'. There were stalls selling clothes, shoes, all varieties of foods, stalls giving out leaflets and information, some for animals, some for the environment and even a political party, Animals Count who certainly get my vote!

Throughout the day, we listened to fab bands, bumped into a few people we knew,and ate lots of delicious vegan food.
My picassa collage above gives a picture of the day. It was fab. And I so loook forward to next year's - fingers crossed!Posted by Picasa


Mishkat said...

Really like the collage - well done! It looks like a really good time.

(BTW, I have been a vegetarian for a long time, but even when I wasn't, I hated sausage and burgers - until I tasted vegan sausage and burgers! They have the same seasonings, but taste much better.

Lola Lynn said...

Looks like a popular event - all those people. Let's hope it continues. Your photos are great, especially the collage.