Monday, 29 August 2011

My beautiful Maggie died in her sleep last night.

She was a gorgeous, sweet little dog. Cuter than cute. She loved to twirl around chasing her tail, and seemed to do that to entertain us, the more we laughed, the more she did it, with a big smile.
I found her at a rescue place,she had been cruelly treated. She stole my heart, and I just had to take her home. She loved being with me. She had her own settee. She made her own den, under the table, on a big cushion, where she would stash away bits of biscuits, or any odd things she would find. Whenever I cleaned out, her 'den', she had quite a collection. She always seemed happy. Everyone thought she was cute, and beautiful, and did I say cute! so cute! She started going grey with old age. She lost some of her teeth. She developed a thyroid problem, and was a bit overweight, but all in all she was her usual perky, chirpy self. She ate her supper as usual Saturday night. She seemed fine. we went to bed. Sunday morning I went downstairs, and there she was in her bed. But she didn't look up. She was dead. I guess the old cliche, that it's the best way to go, without suffering, in your own bed, just pass away during the night, hopefully, peacefully, as she slept. But it's hard being without her. I miss her. I miss her little bark, when she wanted attention. And her running around my legs when she knew she was getting a treat. And her snoring - she snored very loudly, it was reassuring to hear her snore in the night. She was a darling, and I miss her so. God bless you, sweet Maggie. Rest in Peace.

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