Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Best tasting strawberries ever!

It's strawberry time in the UK, and I love strawberries. However, it's always a bit of a hit or miss with taste. Sometimes they taste "waxy", soemtimes they can be quite tasteless, other times tart, when all I really want and love is fresh, juicy, sweet strawberries. At last I've found the perfect tasting strawberries. They are produced by Good Natured Fruit.
Good Natured Fruit are produced in Scotland. They are pesticide free. They are produced by a group of growers that have joined together and grow fruit, veg, salad and herbs under the innovative growing system developed by the Scottish fruit growers - Angus Lochy Porter, his father Willie Porter and cousin James Gray. They wanted to develop fruit that didn't use pesticides, that relied on biological pest control - letting ladybugs eat green fly for instance. They result is a delicious strawberry tasting strawberry, and other fuit and veg that taste exactly how you want them to taste, and how they should be.
Look out for these goods in main supermarkets, and grab them while they are in season. Once you've discovered the real taste of these delicious fruit, or indeed any of the other Good Natured products, you've want another make again!

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