Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Enjoying the hot weather? Cats know how to chill..........

The UK is enjoying a wonderful hot spell. While we all rush out and feel the need to go places, often sitting in our car for a long time to get there, our cats take it easy in the garden.

Billy rested under the tree shade on a "lookout perch" I put up recently, they like the higher view.

Pinkie however, likes to lounge on the rotary washing line. So much for clean clothes eh? And how on earth is that comfortable? She hangs her belly through the line, and lazes for hours. In a cat world it must be more comfortable and we perceive it to be!

And Ruby likes nothing better than to play, whatever the weather. Here she balances on a piece of wood, she's such a delicate little one.

All in all they relax, take it easy and generally have a fine life.

And us, we work, we shop, we clean, we rush around, we try to squeeze in a little bit of  'r n r', when we can.
There are days when I would happily swap places with a well cared for cat!


Mishkat said...

These are great photos! That lookout perch looks like a great spot - Pinky's pose is AMAZING :), and Ruby looks purrfect, as always.

P.S. It's been really hot here too (33 degrees C and above), but it is NOT wonderful. We finally got a bit of cooler weather moving in last night - the cats are much happier.

Annette F Tait said...

very happy cats Kim! Pinkie is indeed very brave :)