Sunday, 3 January 2010

Ta-Daa! the collection of Vegan Samples for the Valentine's Day Bags!

So here they are. Phew, what a crafting marathon!
I have finally finished my donations to the Vegan Craft Sample Bags.
I've made an assortment of brooches -  cats and rabbits, with an embellishment saying 'vegan' and hearts. Look fab, and spread love and veganism wherever you go! And some tissue holders, that are a nice touch - next time someone needs a tissue, offer them one from your tissue holder, and display a 'vegan embellishment', advertising, veganism and cuteness in one. They're bound to be impressed and it's a good way to start a conversation about veganism.
All made from acrylic felt, with various decorations. Why not order a Vegan Craft Sample Bag   and you may be lucky enough to have one of these handmade goodies.
There will also be similar items for sale in my Etsy shops: Midnightrabbits and Veganessa, should you wish to purchase some/one on it's own.

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