Friday, 25 September 2009

Our beloved Banshee

Our beloved Banshee has just been diagnosed with cancer of the mouth (top palette). The vet said it is very invasive and the type of cancer that doesn't respond well to chemotherapy. It is situated in a place too difficult to operate, so it cannot be removed. It is just a matter of keeping her going for as long as we can until this nasty disease goes too far. I have ordered Apricot Kernels from a place that the lovely Annette from Dragon House of Yuen recommended. Thank you Annette for the info. The woman at Dayspring was sweet and talked a little bit about the apricot kernels. I have ordered them ground up, to put in Banshee's food next week. I hope they make a difference. The info about Apricot Kernels, is very interesting.
Banshee last December.

Banshee a couple of months ago, when the top lip started to swell.


mahuahua said...

oh no :( try not to worry,i hope banshee is okay.give her lots of hugs from me xxxx

Annette F. Tait said...

Kim that's great - just get in touch anytime if you need help.
Arabella and Wesley get theirs daily, as do I.
Sending Banshee well wishes and a forehead massage and kiss xxx
kind regards, Annette

Mishkat said...

Kim, I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope Banshee is still feeling all right despite the cancer.

Many (((hugs))) and purrs to you and Banshee and the rest of the family

Love from Katie and the cats