Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow have I been busy. I been making tote bags for my Etsy shop, and I've spend a LOT of time listing them too. until you list lots of items in one go, it's hard to imagine just how laborious listing can be. Glad it's done. maybe next time, I'll stagger the listings over a few days, which is probably a better idea, but I do like to see them up there as quickly as possible. Here's a photo of the tote bags on a table, just before I photographed them individually,
quite a lot of work.


Kitsch Cuisine said...

i've learned the hard way to stagger my items. it took me a whole day once to get my items up there! :) cute totes!

Mishkat said...

I really like the bat image!

veganessa said...

thanks for your comments.

Aguavino said...

Your bags are so cute! Love the vegan bat :)

I hear ya about the laborious listing process...maybe something Etsy should think about changing someday. I list on 2 other sites, and they are MUCH faster and easier to list (everything on one page; faster photo uploading, etc.)
1000 Markets

Annette F. Tait said...

The bats are wonderful Kim

Lo Christine said...

Great totes! I'm all about bats, they're so cool:)